Do Brides Need the Touch Up Service on the Wedding Day

Many brides have asked me whether they need the touch up service.  Well, I would say it depends on the reason why you need the touch up service.  Since I use waterproof airbrush makeup, you will only need to touch up your lipstick after eating, drinking or kissing:).  In this case, you do not really need me to stay for touch up.  

However, if you are a big crier, or you know you will get very emotional, the tears may mess up your makeup.  Then, the touchup service would be helpful!

I suggest brides have touch up service when they need to change gowns and styles.  As an example, one of my brides started with a red Chinese traditional gown, then changed to a white wedding gown.  Meanwhile, I stayed to change her makeup and hairstyle to match her dress.  The photos below are the styles that I did for her on her wedding day.  I enjoyed working with the stunning bride.  Before her wedding day, we shared ideas about makeup and hairstyles to go with her gowns.  After that, we selected the most suitable styles for her.  It was like a fashion show.  She and I created all the styles to perfectly match each dress.

Hope this little tip helps!