"Dearest Yin,

Thank you so much for making me and my family beautiful on my wedding day. You were so much fun to work with and we couldn’t stop taking about how you were my personal cheerleader all afternoon.  You saw my vision and went completely understanding and patient.  Not to mention, you are incredible at want you do.  I will certainly be recommending you in the future.  All the best, Liz"     (From Liz's post card)







"I am a signed agency Model named Logan Gilbert, In past Photoshoots I have had the privilege to work with Yin. She is a very talented makeup artist who has the unique capability to envision the exact look that the client is looking for! Her talents go far beyond makeup, as she does an amazing job at hair artistry as well. When I was working with Yin in the beginning of my modeling career, I was nervous on the set for a shoot one day. While doing an exceptional job on my look, she also made all my nerves for the shoot go away, and is the reason why the shoot was a success!

If you work with Yin you will not just leave looking your best, but you will also leave with a new friend. I speak from experience because this is exactly what has happened to me, I look forward to working with her again in the future and I highly suggest her services!!!"

- Logan Kaeleigh Gilbert