Photo Shoot Hair and Makeup

Every image tells a story.  Consulting with photographers and designers is the most fun part for me.  We develop new ideas and create new looks.  The images always surprise us. Whether you want an underwater mermaid look or standing in front of a universe of stars, we can do it.  Any look you can imagine, we can create.

Bridal Hair and Makeup

I love weddings which make me feel warm and happy, and remind me that love is unconditional.  I love to hear every single story from each wedding.  I am crying while the brides are crying.  I laugh when the grooms make their beautiful brides laugh.  I am definitely engaged with their Big Day.  I am so proud to be a part of their weddings, to feel their love, to share their happiness, and to make them stunning!!  


Hair Styles

Hairstyle represents who you are and the impression you make. Elegant French twist, beachy waves, S waves, vintage Hollywood waves, flower-enbedded braid, Dutch braid updos, wrapped high bun, victory rolls, messy fishtail updo, loose romantic half updo half down, soft twisted bun: which one do you want to choose?  Hairstyle and makeup complete a look and I truly believe they are contacted.



Fashion Shows

It is not surprising when the Designers change all the looks at the last minute, three makeup artists work on a model's face, models have to change their makeup in a rush because they wore another designer's makeup, and at the last minute the zip did not work when the model had to walk on the stage.  Welcome to Fashion Week Backstage!!  Fashion show is like an exam to test artists' speed and comprehension.   Only the experienced artists are able to handle Fashion shows.  Even though Backstage has so much traffic and pressure, when the applause comes from the auditorium, all the hard work is worthwhile.    

Headshot Hair and Makeup

Headshot represents who you are.  Before I start putting on makeup for my customers, I would like to know what is the purpose of the photo.  I do not want to give them a big makeover, which is a huge difference between the person and the photographs.  I usually make two looks, one is more likely to be a natural look, and the other one will look a little bit formal.  They can choose different looks in their different social media.